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We have a culture that is informed and being refined by our values as listed below.  

We have a culture that values both Traditional and non-traditional worship 

We know who we are: we are genuine, creative, grateful, hospitable, a unified community and worshipful. 

Although we are unified in worship, we are a diverse community of believers. Our culture values diversity in people, expression and gifting.

What to Expect

  • Our worship service begins at 9:30. First, while we ask you to dress modestly, feel free to dress comfortably.


  • We use a Siddur for liturgy.


  • We utilize the Torah scroll for the Torah Service.


  • Before service @ 9:00 we encourage fellowship (with coffee and donuts) to prepare for service.

What About Kids?

Your kids are welcome to stay with you if you prefer. We also have a nursery with a setup to be able to hear the service. Currently, we don’t have a separate children’s service. You may also listen to the service from downstairs in our eating area

Knowing God

Knowing God can be a challenge. 

1st, knowing more about God helps people understand better that God doesn’t contradict himself. 

2nd, studying the Bible can simply mean just reading the Bible. Sometimes just reading the Bible helps people realize great truths that God wants them to know. 

The more we know God the more we will understand that He wants things for us but will not go against our will. This helps explain the answer to the question of why a loving God would allow so much pain and problems like sickness and murder in the world.

Messianic Minutes

The Messianic Minutes are a daily radio show aimed at bringing the Gospel to the Jewish people through Bible-believing Christian listeners. The program is hosted by Jeffrey D. Miller and Rabbi Ted Simon.

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3408 Walnut Avenue
Owings Mills, MD 21117

(410) 415-3917